Motherhood, as I’ve come to find, is quite the adventure. We are so much more than just….mom. We are house maids, personal chefs, boo boo kissers, snot rags, pillows, best friends, & the occasional hero. Mommin’ ain’t easy though & sometimes we are too tired. Too tired to run around, too tired to clean for the tenth time that day, & sometimes we are too tired to cook! So what’s for dinner you ask?

Pancakes & Pinot. 🥞🍷


In this blog you can explore a few different pages…

DIY/crafts; This will include projects and activities for both adults AND kids. Have fun!

Recipes; Baked goods, quick snacks, family dinners, and boozy treats! Eat your heart out!

#Momlife; Mom hacks, personal experiences, jokes, quotes, relatable experiences, all things mom life!

About/The Warnekes; Here you can read about me, the author, my wonderful family and all of our updates on military life, moves, trips, & announcements!

I will be doing weekly updates on my blog, so stay tuned for more exciting things.

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