Burlap Fall Wreaths 🍂

DIY Burlap Fall Wreaths 🍁🍂

Fall is quickly approaching & for most of us, it’s our favorite season! It’s that time of year where everything is warm & cozy. In my hometown it’s a crisp evening walk, hot cider in hand, kicking piles of leaves, with the scent of chimney smoke & cinnamon wherever you go. It’s back to school time, football time, the start of the holiday season & it’s the season to decorate!

Today, I have a very special guest helping me. My friend Arielle & I got together to present to you a DIY on a fun, fall decorative piece. Burlap Fall Wreaths! Arielle is very talented & has been making wreaths, decor, and furniture for a while now & she’s recently made it her full time job! At the end of this article, you will find her shops information…Check it out for holiday themed items, hand crafted furniture, & other exciting projects/gifts!


Let’s begin!

Items you will need:

Wreath Frame
Wire cutters
A hot glue gun + glue sticks
And your choice of fall decor/flowers/leaves (purchased from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc)


To begin, take your burlap, fold burlap in half.
Wrap your folded burlap over the end of the frame, & weave the wire through to attach.


Once the burlap is attached to the wire frame pull it through and spread out the burlap so it is the full length across!

For the first row pull the burlap through each section of the wire frame. Make sure the burlap is fluffed and all the same height.


For the second row start by twisting the burlap and bring the burlap to the first part of the wire frame. You will continue to twist and pull the burlap through each section of the frame until you have a complete row moving on to the next one.


Continue your wreath by twisting and pulling the burlap through. Make sure that you fluff your wreath to give it a fuller look!


At the end here I ran out of burlap, normally 30 Feet will get you all the way around but I made it a little fluffier than usual! If you run out just follow the first instruction which is to attach the burlap onto the wire frame with wire! Continue twisting, pulling through and fluffing until your wreath is complete.


When finished flip over your wreath so the wire backing is facing up. Take your burlap and cut the strand so only a small piece is sticking out. Fold the strand into the wreath so it’s hidden yet secure!


Now for the fun part, designing your wreath! This is where you get to be creative and put what you want where. If your favorite color is purple, purple it is. If you love sunflowers, use sunflowers! Use a hot glue gun to secure your decorations on your wreath. Be careful not to burn yourself, and most of all have fun! Once you’re done use a stand or door hanger to showcase your new craft!


There you have it guys, an amazing fall wreath. A big thank you to Arielle for teaching me how to make burlap Wreaths & for making this blog post with me! ❤️

To browse/shop/support Arielle’s business please check out her page & shop below! ✨

Facebook: @Carcionescozycorner

Etsy: Carcione’s Cozy Corner

*Arielle can make custom items and gifts as well & she ships all over the US! 🌎


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