Champagne Floats 🥂

I’m a big fan of wine. Reds, whites, sweet, dry, you name it. My love for wine as an adult has a broad spectrum, but when you’re younger, you usually love the sparkly, sweet stuff, & the good Lord knows I did…

I have my grandmother to thank for this, as she spoiled me with her not so secret recipe to a boozy dessert! Well…Not quite a recipe, but more of a quick tip that I know love using for special celebrations, girls nights, etc!

Champagnes floats! Yup. Think Root Beer floats…but better.

We always (& still do) love to use Peach, Mango, & Raspberry Haagen-Dazs sorbet! Add a couple spoonfuls to your champagne glass, and pour the champagne over it!

Girls night just got that much better! You. Are. Welcome.



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