Slow-Cooker Southern Ribs ðŸŒ¾

Although not the healthiest of dinners, you really can’t go wrong with a rack of ribs that falls right of the bone, some corn on the cob, & mashed potatoes. 🌽🍖

Some days I am too busy mommin’ so hard that I’m just desperate for an easy throw it in the crockpot type of meal because I can’t handle sweating over the stove for hours when my house is in chaos mode!

After testing a few different rubs and sauces, I found the BEST combo that my family just loves!


Ingredients you will need ❤️

2 TBS of Brown Sugar
1 TBS of Salt
2 TBS of Cayenne Pepper
1/2 TBS of Pepper
Approx 2-4 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce (I use Sweet Baby Rays ‘Sweet n Spicy’..I also like lots of flavors and sauce so I use about 2 bottles!)

First, mix all your ingredients together, minus the sauce, in a bowl. Once blended together, you will rub down your rack of ribs with this dry rub.


Once you’ve rubbed the meat down, place the rack around the walls of the crockpot, with the meaty side facing the wall.

Once you’ve done this, cover the ribs in the BBQ sauce, and pour the rest in the base of the pot.

Turn your cooker on LOW for 6-8 hours until the meat falls of the bone!

As a tip* I like to check the ribs once or twice and baste them with the sauce that’s fallen down so the top never dries out!

Combine these juicy ribs with corn and potatoes & you are all set for an amazing family dinner! Enjoy!

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