Galaxy Bottles 💫

Galaxy bottles are one of my very favorite crafts. It’s designed for younger children, and it has been said that it’s very calming/soothing to them. I’m sure that’s 100% true because as an adult, I could sit and stare at these bottles until I fell asleep 😴


I love sensory projects, and I love them even more when they’re affordable and easy!

All you need for this project is…

Empty bottle(s)

Baby Oil


Food coloring

Cotton Balls (optional)

You can choose any glitter/color combo you like, but I love the purples, pinks, and blues for a calming color blend!

First, add about 4-5 cotton balls to the bottle. Remember. The cotton balls are not necessary. They simply bring a little more fun to the texture of your creation.

Then, fill your bottles half way full with baby oil. Once the bottle has the oil, add the glitter. I use about 3/4-1 TSP. Gently swirl it together.

In a separate measuring cup, mix water with the food coloring of your choice and stir well.

Pour the colored water slowly into the bottle, leaving just about a 1/2-1 inch space at the top. Reseal the bottle, and shake!

Sit back & enjoy your portable galaxy! ✨💫💜

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