All things Salt Dough…

I am guilty of being a little MIA lately. Life has been hectic and between deployment, moving, my daughters birthday, etc, I have had little to no sit down time!

Many of you know I’m about to move north for a while, and for me, that means leaving our first home as a family. I’ve become overwhelmed with all the things I’ve dug up while packing. Hospital bracelets from when Harper was born, old pictures from years back, you know, the usual.

All of this made me want to do something to remember and “keep” this home with us always. I came across the picture below and thought, well that’s it. I will make an imprint ornament of our first key! How much fun. And while I’ve got this dough out, how about something fun for the kids!


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Galaxy Bottles 💫

Galaxy bottles are one of my very favorite crafts. It’s designed for younger children, and it has been said that it’s very calming/soothing to them. I’m sure that’s 100% true because as an adult, I could sit and stare at these bottles until I fell asleep 😴


I love sensory projects, and I love them even more when they’re affordable and easy!

All you need for this project is…

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Burlap Fall Wreaths 🍂

DIY Burlap Fall Wreaths 🍁🍂

Fall is quickly approaching & for most of us, it’s our favorite season! It’s that time of year where everything is warm & cozy. In my hometown it’s a crisp evening walk, hot cider in hand, kicking piles of leaves, with the scent of chimney smoke & cinnamon wherever you go. It’s back to school time, football time, the start of the holiday season & it’s the season to decorate!

Today, I have a very special guest helping me. My friend Arielle & I got together to present to you a DIY on a fun, fall decorative piece. Burlap Fall Wreaths! Arielle is very talented & has been making wreaths, decor, and furniture for a while now & she’s recently made it her full time job! At the end of this article, you will find her shops information…Check it out for holiday themed items, hand crafted furniture, & other exciting projects/gifts!


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Pumpkin Apple Stamps 🎃🍎

I know what you’re thinking…Amanda…it’s August. What’s up with the Jack-O-Lanterns??

Let me tell you.

My child stays true to her birth season and thinks pumpkins are just the most amazing thing ever. I chalk it up to the bright orange colors, but her favorite book since the time she could understand it was “It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse”…

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DIY Air Freshener 🌬

I love keeping a clean home. One that looks nice and smells good when you walk in.

For a good smelling home, I am all about candles. But did you know that all candles come with a burn time? That’s right. I learned this when I burned a candle over night and noticed soot in my child’s nostrils. Her doctor explained that on a candle label it will generally say do not burn more than 2-3 hours! Well. My bad. I know I’ve left candles burning much longer and I never realized it could start releasing soot and chemicals into the air that could potentially be harmful. 🚫

So what now…? I wanted to be careful about what I sprayed through the air now that I have more than myself to worry about. So I learned how to make my own air freshener. It’s an easy 3 ingredient recipe, and chances are, you already have it all in your home! 🏡

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DIY Body Scrubs

I am completely obsessed with body scrubs. Exfoliation leads to fresh, healthy, soft skin & it doesn’t get better than that.

Body scrubs are so much easier than you think. Seriously, they can be made in as little as 5 minutes ❤️

You’ll notice in this DIY that there is a “base” recipe for body scrubs & that you can change up your flavor/scents very easily. I say flavors because these are also wonderful lip scrubs!

I love all scrubs but I will be posting 4 of the most popular ones that my surrounding friends & family have wanted!


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