I have learned that I can do ANYTHING but sometimes not EVERYTHING. Sometimes as moms, we just need a reminder that we are doing our best and our best is good enough. So take this as yours.

Our sweet little babies aren’t going to remember all the things you could or could not give them. Our kids just want us to love them, and what they’re going to remember is the time we spent with them, the love they felt, and the joy they experienced spending time with us….even if that means making a blanket fort at home with Christmas lights, pillows, and a bag of popcorn because that’s all we can do sometimes.

Whatever we are doing, big or small, we are doing our best, moms…and our babies will always remember that. So hug them tight ❤️ We’ve got this.

The Top Products you should be getting from your friends in 2017!

You log on to Facebook and what’s that you see? ANOTHER friend of yours has joined a company, selling products to their friends & family, all while building their business from the comfort of their home or wherever they please, really. The allure to be able to work from home intrigues you, but you’re not ready to take that chance yet…Later that day, you’re added to another group and asked to host a party. Wait, how did this happen?

I know I know, like you, this was not my scene…but let me tell you something I quickly came to realize…These girls actually have really GREAT products, and they actually work! Crazy, right? They’re actually trying to help you and share something they are passionate about WITH you. Their sales isn’t just about them, trust me.

I had so many friends who swore by their products that I started actually listening. You know, power in numbers…there’s truth to that. My New Years resolution this year was to shop “small” more often. I mean…besides Target obviously. I was truly determined to try at least ONE product from every direct sales my friends were in to. And I did. My mailbox was full of products from 9 DIFFERENT companies. Okay, so maybe I got more than 1 product from each. But I quickly realized that these products were actually some of the best and I loved supporting my friends!

Below I have compiled a list of my FAVORITE (and most popular) products from a few of the companies. These by far are the products you HAVE to try in 2017, but I must warn you…you may become highly addicted to some of these ❤️

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Save your coffee!


I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit down and actually finish a cup of coffee. I have to reheat that sucker up every hour I come back around to it between wrestling the baby, taking care of the house, and running errands.

In the summer however, I don’t do hot coffee. I’m an iced coffee gal from pretty much April-October. That, in my opinion, is even worse to leave laying around because it ends up SO watered down and almost undrinkable. Not to sound stingy, but let’s be real. I dump the glass at that point.

So don’t forget…

Mom hack #1 – Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray and use the coffee cubes in your drink instead! I’ve been doing this all summer and it’s genius!






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On our laziest days, we as mothers are still teachers, cooks, referees, chauffeurs, maids, counselors, boo boo kissers, snot rags, & so much more. Our job is never ending.

This portion of Pancakes & Pinot will include weekly mom hacks, parenting experiences, jokes, quotes, & relateable stories.